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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Volunteer Myths

Myth: The PTA is only for moms.
Truth: The PTA stands for 'PARENT-teacher Association'. Please join us, Dads!

Myth: If you attend a PTA meeting, you will be forced to either chair an event or volunteer to help at an event.
Truth: Helpers for events always volunteer on their own. You will never be asked to help with anything you are not willing to do. You are more than welcome to attend meetings solely for the purpose of gathering information or voting on important issues regarding the school and students.

Myth: If you volunteer to chair an event, you will always have to chair that event for the rest of your Crissman years.
Truth: You are never obligated to chair an event consecutive years.

Myth: The PTA doesn't need any more volunteers, it has that group of the same people who always take care of everything.
Truth: The PTA ALWAYS needs volunteers for many different types of events/fundraisers/jobs. It benefits the children and the school to have new faces and fresh ideas brought to the meetings.

Myth: You have to attend meetings to be part of the PTA.
Truth: There are many busy moms and dads who are unable to come to the meetings, but volunteer for events and help in many other ways. This year we will have all our meetings in the evening (with free babysitting!) to accommodate those who work during the day.

Myth: The PTA is not beneficial to the school and the students, it just plans social events.
Truth: The PTA funds many important enrichment items such as field trips, recess equipment, classroom supplies, exterior grounds maintenance, and items for many of the after-school clubs, Olympiads, and SWEEP.

If you would like more information about Crissman PTA, volunteering, or other ways you could help the school, please contact us. Studies have shown that when parents get personally involved in education, their children do better in school and grow up to be more successful in life, according to the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education.


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