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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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2012-09-19 Meeting Minutes


September 19, 2012

I.    Call to Order (7:08pm)

 • Welcome, introduce pta members

1.  Sara Lentz: President

2.  Colleen Lorrain: Vice President

3.  Dawn Surma: Treasurer

4.  Amy Kearney: Secretary 

• We pay for your membership

 1. Our PTA will sign you up and pay for your membership. We feel you should not have to pay for volunteering.

 • Change of meeting times

 1. After last year flip flopping meetings we have decided the favored times were evenings. We will be hosting pta meetings @ 7:00 every second Wednesday of the month.

  II.  Message from the President (5 mins)

 a.   Michael Gurne  

 • Moment of silence for our Crissman family

 b. Voting Privileges

 • Must be a pta member to have voting privlidges

 a.   Meeting Times

 i.   Evening Meetings; 2nd  WED of the Month

 • Second Wednesday of the month @ 7:00

 i.   End of Night Drawing

 • We will draw a ticket at the end of the meeting for a gift. See ticket protocol for details.

 • Each month we will also give a gift to a volunteer of the month.

i.  Volunteer Appreciation

• The PTA will be hosting a volunteer appreciation night. If you volunteer for any of our fundraisers and/or social events you will receive an invitation to the event. More details to follow.

a.  Committees are in the Process of being Contacted

 • We are working on contacting all the volunteers.

 • If you are signed up for a committee and not contacted please let the PTA know.

 a.  Landscaping; thank you Dobek Landscaping

 • Thanks so much for the last minute help with the landscaping. Dobek Landscaping went above and beyond what we asked them to do.

 a.  Ticket Protocol

 • Everyone will receive a ticket for attendance.

 • You will also receive a ticket for asking relevant questions and adding to discussions

 I.         Treasurer’s Report after New Business this Month, committee report, secretary report

 II.        Motion to Approve Agenda

 • Motion to approve mad by Jennifer Davies, Second by Tina Lewis

 III. Principal’s Report (15 mins)

 • Waver for no child left behind

 • The bar was changed for cut scores which caused the schools to not reach 100%.

 • The schools will then be ranked. Bottom 10% were put on a watch list. Top schools with a gap will be put on focus school watch.

 • Meaps coming in October. Please make sure children attend school on those days rested and fed!

 IV. Secretary’s Report (5 mins)

 a.  Sign-in Sheet

 • Make sure you sign in and fill out a ticket

 a.  Approval of May 2012 Minutes

 • Motion to approve by Tina Lewis second by Jennifer Davis

 V.  Old Business (5 mins)

a.  Back Tax Filing Issue

• Two out of the four years have been abated.

a.  Michigan Sales Taxes

VI. New Business (10 mins)

a.  New Meeting Protocol

 i.  All Meetings Evenings

 • Second Wednesday of every month (No December meeting. Last meeting in May)

 i.  Babysitting

 • New this year babysitting will be offered during the meetings. High school volunteers will be used

 i.  Theme Schedule (see handout) = Free Bagels

 • We will be having a theme night featuring one grade level. If 15% of parents from that grade level attend they will receive free bagels the next month.

 a.  Online Volunteer Registration

 • Details to come. Working with an online source for signing up for events. Will allow notes to continue year to year.

 a.  Budget Changes:

 i.  Clubs Self-Run

 ii.  Eliminated All Former Fundraisers iii. Incidental Fundraising

• Any profit made will go back into said social i.  Investing More into our Socials

a.    Fun Run: Kick Off OCT 1st; Run OCT 22nd

 i.  Goal: $17,000 for school; Each Child: $50 ii.  Tier Incentive Approach

 VII.Treasurer’s Report (10 mins)

 a.  Approval of May Budget Report

 A. Approval of 2012-2013 Budget

 • Motion to approve Donna Hamrick, second Jennifer Davies

VIII.Committee Reports (15 mins)

a.  One-Time Committees:

 i.  6th Grade Breakfast (SEPT 29th; Amy Kearney & Donna Hamric)

 ii.  Spiritwear (due today; Jennifer Valicevic)

 iii. Recess Equipment (N/A; Laurie Bonnasso & Kim Paulson)

 iv. Fun Run (OCT 22nd; Sara Lentz & Colleen Laurain)

 v.  Halloween Bingo (OCT 19th; Jennifer Davies)

 vi. Holiday Shop (DEC 11th   – DEC 14th; Susan Chown & Sara Lentz)

 vii. Muffins in the Morning (FEB 4th; NEED CHAIRPERSON) viii.Staff Appreciation (April 23, 2013; Terri Fowler & Susan Chown) ix. Spring Fair (TBD; Danielle Smith)

x. Field Day (TBD; Carla Sarti)

 xi. 6th Grade Graduation (June 13, 2012; Kristen Arnold)

 t.    Ongoing Committees:

 i.  Assemblies (As Needed; Need Chairperson)

 ii.  Bagel Sales (2nd WED of the month; Susan Chown & Amy Forgione)

 iii. Restaurant/Skate Nights (TBD; Merv Shewell/Amy Kearney)

 iv. Lobby Decorating (Seasonal; Jenny Prall, Eileen Blodgett & Erika Tobin)

 IX. Open Forum/Announcements (5 mins) X. Adjournment (8:10pm)

a.  Next Meeting: OCT 10th at 7pm

 b.  Challenge: Share our Facebook page with others Motion to adjourned by Tracy Caruso second by Jennifer Davies.

Meeting adjourned 8:40

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