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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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2013-05-08 Meeting Minutes


May 8, 2013

I.              Call to Order (7pm) meeting called to order at 7:04pm 

II.           Message from the President (5 mins)

·         Welcome New Members

·   Voting Privileges

Ø  You need to be a member to vote

Ø  If you attend a meeting, we sign you up as a member

·   Ticket Protocol

Ø  Everyone gets a ticket for coming to the meeting; additional tickets for asking pertinent questions or adding to the discussion

·         Volunteer of the Month

·   Danielle Smith recognized for leading the Spring Fair for the second year

·         Motion to Approve Agenda

·   Dawn Surma ill therefore recommendation to have treasurer report removed

·   No budget to review but will be placed on website to review

·   Motion to approve by Mrs. O’Donnell, supported by Tina Lewis

·         All Chair-people to Note their Commitment to 2013-2014

·   Nicole and Sara to contact this year’s chairs over the summer to see if they would like to continue next year

·         Election of 2013-2014 President

·   Sara nominated Nicole LaLonde

·   All in favor and approved

·   Nicole provide an overview of herself 

III.          Principal’s Report (15 mins)

·         Mrs. Fiema thanked the 2012-2013 Board

·         Reviewed parent, staff, and student survey results

·         Reviewed how lunch hours were changing

·         Discussed school improvement, MEAP, the Common Core Standards, changes to grades / sections for upcoming school year

·         Next school year, special education program called County Autism Impaired to come to Crissman

·         CSI rescheduled to fall

·         Sara thanked Mrs. Fiema for her support to the PTA and PTA board 

IV.         Fifth Grade Report/Q&A (10 mins)

·         14 Parents

·   Didn’t obtain 14 parents

·   Summer focus:  times tables to help with fractions, vocabulary, keep them reading 

V.           Secretary’s Report (5 mins)

·         Sign-in Sheet  

·         Approval of APR 2013 Minutes

·   Motion to approve by Tina Lewis, supported by Mrs. O’Donnell 

VI.         Treasurer’s Report (5 mins) – removed from agenda as Dawn ill

·         Approval of 2012-2013 Budget Report

·         Sales Tax Status 

VII.        Old Business (5 mins)

·         Back Tax Filing Issue:  Recent Submission

·   Cleared on all years except one; $3k fine assessed but not levied and resubmitting

·         Budget Surplus Status

·   Discussion on Laptops – ordering new laptops for 1st grade blended learning; may be able to get another 6 to 8 laptops 

VIII.      New Business (10 mins)

·         Bylaws to be Amended Over Summer & Presented in SEPT

·   Staggering of terms reviewed

·   VP and Treasurer 1 year term; President & Secretary 2 year term

·   1 year term could people could extent for 2 years, if elected 

IX.         Committee Reports (15 mins)

·         One-Time Committees: 

·   Recess Equipment (FINAL REPORT; Dawn Surma, Amy Kearney, Donna Hammrick)

Ø  Inventory completed at beginning of year but equipment not ordered

Ø  After holidays ordered off original inventory

Ø  Emailed teachers for another order this week & should be in next week

Ø  Need chairperson for all Community Rewards next year

·   Staff Appreciation Day (FINAL REPORT; Terri Fowler, Sue Chown)

Ø  Event went well with great feedback from staff and thanks to El Charro

·   Dare Graduation (MAY 20th; Nancy Meier)

Ø  Banner in a bin to be utilized

·   Spring Fair (MAY 18th; Danielle Smith)

Ø  Need for volunteers discussed

·   Field Day (MAY 23rd; Carla Sarti)

·   Sixth Grade Graduation (JUN 13th; Kristen Arnold)

·   Fun Run 2013 (Kick Off SEPT 23rd/Run OCT 21st; TBD)

·         Ongoing Committees:

·   Bagel Sales (2nd WED of the month; Susan Chown & Amy Forgione)

Ø  May Spirit Day winner – Winner to be announced in  June PTA Newsletter

·   Skate Nights (FINAL REPORT; Amy Kearney)

Ø  Well received and Amy Kearney offered to chair next year

·   Restaurant Nights (FINAL REPORT; Merv Shewell)

Ø  Last event at Taco Loco on Monday night

·   Lobby Decorating (Seasonal; Jenny Prall, Eileen Blodgett & Erika Tobin)

Ø  Completed for year end

·   Volunteer Appreciation Night (May 30th; Ginger Long & Liberty Cole)

Ø  At Hamlin Pub; PTA budget used for soft drinks, pizza, and door prizes

X.           Open Forum/Announcements (5 mins)

·         Nothing for open forum

·         Sara thanked the outgoing board

·         Sara provided some additional encouragement for Nicole 

XI.         Adjournment

·         Drawing

ØTina Lewis was the winner

·         Next Meeting:  SEPT 2013

·   New Board

·   2013-2014 Budget Report

·         Challenge:  Donate plush, baked good or volunteer for the Spring Fair  

·         Adjournment

ØMotion to adjourn by Tina Lewis ; supported by Lisa Blank at 8:20pm

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