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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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2013-09-11 Meeting Minutes


September 11, 2013

  1. I.             Call to Order (7pm) – meeting called to order at 7:03pm
  • Welcome New Members and New PTA Board
    • Our Goal – reviewed:  “To create an environment where both parents and teachers can work comfortably together for both academic and social growth for the students.  Let’s have fun!!”
    • PTA Membership cost – once a parent attends a PTA meeting in the school year, the PTA signs you up as a member, we pay the cost of being a PTA member, and you have voting privileges at the next meeting
    • Voting Privileges – see above


  1. II.           Message from the President (5 mins)
  • Meetings
    • Evening Meetings; typically 2nd WED of the Month 7pm – No meeting in December or June
    • End of Night Drawing – a drawing is conducted each meeting to recognize participation throughout the meeting
    • Volunteer Appreciation – will continue year end event to recognize volunteers
    • Volunteer of the Month - Sue Chown; she was thanked and provided a gift card
    • Committees - in the process of being contacted
    • Landscaping
      • Thank you to Dobek Landscape
      • Ideas discussed on how to maintain garden area via an “Adopt a Garden” – each club could target an area and be recognized.  Discussed but no vote
    • Ticket Protocol – see above on end of the night drawing; good questions enable additional tickets
  1. III.          Principal’s Report (15 mins)
  • Started school year with Boo Hoo Breakfast for Kindergarten
  • First Bagel / Spirit Day today
  • Open House – September 18 & 19 at 7:30pm;  for parents only; changed to lower L for first night and upper L for second night
  • Northwestern Evaluation Assessments (NWEA) being conducted in September, January, and spring
    • Focus on understanding the Common Core Standards
    • K-2 assessed in national standards on reading, language, and math
    • 3-6 assessed on reading, math, language, and science
    • Helps to individualize students’ needs, individual the curriculum, and can compare to past years
    • Technology is a strong vision for the district - at Crissman, each classroom to have 6 laptops integrated into their classroom teachers; getting additional training
    • School scorecards reviewed - Crissman is yellow as are most UCS schools; no one green in UCS
    • School Improvement plan – setting objectives for student learning goals

 IV.         Secretary’s Report (5 mins)

  • Sign-in Sheet – passed around sign-up sheet once more
  • Approval of May 2013 Minutes – Motion to approve by Amy Kierney, supported by Tina Lewis

 V.           Old Business (5 mins)

  • Back Tax Filing Issue
    • 2010 - cleared
    • 2012 - pending formal notification that they have been cleared
    • Michigan Sales Tax Coupons - monthly sales tax coupons submitted for January through June in June; July and August submitted on time
  1. VI.         New Business (10 mins)
  • New Meeting Protocol
    • Grade level schedule – each meeting a grade will be highlighted with teachers providing insight to the year ahead and answer any questions
    • Incentive to the class with most parent attendance.  Minimum of 3 parents to qualify for incentive
    • Will announce winners tomorrow for both bagel day & PTA meeting attendance
    • Volunteer Registration
      • Sign-ups sheets at Open House
      • Sly reply
      • Facebook
      • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Fun Run:  Kick Off SEPT 23rd; Run OCT 21st
      • Goal:  approximately $20,000 for the school; each child $50
      • Tier Incentive Approach
    •  Bagel Sale
      • New Ordering Procedure – information provided to students today
  1. VII.        Treasurer’s Report (10 mins)
  • Approval of May 2012 - 2013 Final Budget Report - Motion to approve by Tina Lewis, supported by Kim Lawrence
  • Approval of 2013-2014 Budget
    • Budget Changes - Allocated more funds to the following areas & reviewed at meeting – motion to approve by Amy Kierney, supported by Donna Hamick
      • Fun Run – increased goal by $400
      • Box Tops – increased goal by $1,800
      • Kroger Rewards – increased goal by $200
      • Restaurant/Skate Nights – increased goal by $300
      • Spring Social – increased goal by $800
      • Building Exterior – increased expense by $300
      • Educator supplies –31 teaches $275 per teacher increased by $1100
      • Staff appreciation – increased expense by $100
      • Math Olympiad – deceased expense by $75 to match other clubs
      • Lego – added 2 lego team donations $400
      • General clerical expense – increased expense by $100
      • Miscellaneous – increased expense by $1,175
      • 6th Grade Graduation – increased expense by $150
      • Boo Hoo Breakfast – increased by $50
      • Continue with one fundraiser if Fun Run goal is met!
  1. VIII.      Committee Reports (15 mins)
  • One-Time Committees:  highlights reviewed
    • 6th Grade Breakfast (OCT 3RD ; Toni Gasperoni)
    • Spirit Wear (SEPT 18th and 19th during Open House; Jennifer Valicevic)
    • Fun Run (OCT 21st; Sara Lentz & Colleen Laurain)
    • Halloween Bingo (OCT 18th; Kim Korttila)
    • Holiday Shop (DATE TBD; Sue Chown & Kim Lawrence)
    • Muffins in the Morning (FEB 13th; Kim Korttila)
    • Staff Appreciation (DATE TBD; NEED CHAIRPERSON)
    • 6th Grade Graduation (June 13, 2013; Nicole LaLonde)
    • Volunteer Appreciation (DATE TBD; NEED CHAIRPERSON)
    • Ongoing Committees:
      • Assemblies (As Needed; NEED CHAIRPERSON)
      • Bagel Sales (2nd WED of the month to match PTA meetings; Susan Chown & Amy Forgione)
      • Restaurant/Skate Nights (TBD; Merv Shewell/Amy Kearney)
      • Lobby Decorating (Seasonal; Eileen Blodgett and Suzanne Heilman)
      • Recess Equipment (N/A; NEED CHAIRPERSON)
      • Community Rewards (N/A; NEED CHAIRPERSON)

 IX.         Open Forum/Announcements (5 mins)

  • Question about Power School being open and confirmed it was
  • Most 5th grade attendance at tonight’s meeting and they will get a prize!
  • Question on school rewards - Sue Chown does box tops; Donna Hemrick and Amy Kierney leading soup labels / recess equipment
  • Cub Scout registration next week for 1st – 5th graders
  • First grade Daisy’s looking for a co-leader
  • Lunch room Supervisors needed – 3 lunches are going well

 X.           Adjournment (8:10pm) – adjourned at 8:37

  • Next Meeting:  OCT 9th at 7pm – present and amend bi-laws for the staggering of various positions, 6th grade night
  • Winner of tonight’s drawing – Debbie Brown
  • Motion to approve by Tina Lewis, supported by Sara Lenz

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