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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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2012-10-10 Meeting Minutes


 October 10, 2012

 1.Call to Order  (7:05)

 2.Message from the President (5 mins)

      a.Welcome New Members

 1.Voting Privileges

             a. You can only vote on items if you have been enrolled in the PTA

 2.If you have been to the previous meetings we have enrolled you in our PTA. Crissman PTA pays your dues. We feel you should not have to pay to volunteer.

 3.Introductions: Amy, Dawn, Colleen, Sara, Renee, Mrs Demaria, Mrs Cleve

      b.Meeting Times - Recap

         1.Evening Meetings; 2nd WED of the Month

         2. No December  or June meeting

       c.End of Night Drawing

             1. We will draw one ticket at the end of the meeting for an appreciation                      prize.

       d.Volunteer Appreciation

              1. Donna Hamrick is our Volunteer of the month. Donna is always ready and able to help with many events for the PTA. She was very helpful through out all of last year as well. She Co-chaired this years 6th grade breakfast. We are very appreciative of her help. Thanks Donna!!

 e. Ticket Protocol

             1. Asking relevant questions and coming to the meetings, you will be entered into a drawing at the end of the night.

 f.Committees are still being Contacted

              1. I have not gotten all the committees contacted . Please see me if you have gotten the notice email from the president and have not heard from the committee chair person. We are working with all coordinators to make sure everyone that would like to volunteer for certain committees get the chance to do so.

 g. We have many ways for you to stay connected to our PTA.

 1.    Facebook, friend crissman PTA

 2.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  h. Need Recess Equipment Assistance

 i. Motion to Approve Agenda

  Motion to approve: Jennifer Davies second: Tina Lewis

  3.Principal’s Report (15 mins)

  a.Lunch Hour

  Its a 40 minute block of time. Kindergarten gets more time. Kindergarten comes down 10 minutes early. The whole building has lunch at the same time. Half eat first, half go outside, then they switch.  Kindergarten Teachers are there for the first 10 minutes to help. 300 in the cafeteria, 300 outside.

  Last year we had 3 periods. We do not have that time this year. Because specials needed to be increased.  We lost 18 minutes for lunch. Just barely  enough time to set up the lunch room.

  Safety, lunch supervisors help kindergarten students. Help with hats and coats.

  b.One night

  An evening of fun and food to support out Jr high sports. Sports are healthy. All donations are a tax write off. The one night event is Thursday  November 1st.

  District is in a financial crunch. The district has tried to cut the sports to save money. A bunch of parents got together to help raise funds to save our sports. Already pay to play. More money still needs to be raised to save our sports.

 c.Destination Imagination

  Crissman has never had a destination imagination team. Mrs. Feima has become the UCS District coordinator for destination imagination. There will be an informational night to learn what it is all about it on OCT 24. The season starts in November the competition is in March. UCS at the high school level have been state champs.

  4.Kindergarten Report/Q&A (10 mins)

  Dream box (adapted software) Questions. Raz kids will be sent home.

  We will pilot the Dream box via Harvard research funds from 2nd to the 5th

  5.Secretary’s Report (5 mins)

  a.Sign-in Sheet

             1. Please make sure you have signed in.

 b. Request for Approval of SEPT 2012 Minutes

              Motion to accept: Tina Lewis. Approved:  Kim Davies

 6.Old Business (5 mins)

  a.Back Tax Filing Issues

  7.New Business (10 mins)

  a.Club Funding:

              1.Clubs are taking over certain community rewards program. More clarification to come once these are decided.

              2.Budget Amendments: had to move funds from one part of the budget to another part to help us balance.

             3.Clubs Numbers

             4.Legos on Balance Sheet

                         a.Moved line items so that is was more of an escrow accounts and the team keep thier funds

              5.Kroger and Box Tops Moved to Balance

 6.Should exceed our fundraising goal, we will move that as well

8.Treasurer’s Report (5 mins)

a.Approval of 2012-2013 Budget, as Amended

 b.Approval of 2012-2013 Budget Report

             Motion to approve : Amy Roy. Approved: Tina Lewis

 9.Committee Reports (15 mins)

 a.One-Time Committees: 

 1.Spiritwear (Jennifer Valicevic)

             2. Orders are being turned in today. 4200 dollars order

 b.Recess Equipment (N/A; Laurie Bonnasso & Kim Paulson)

             1.We need a parent volunteer.

             2.Suggest 6th Graders to help

 c.Fun Run (OCT 22nd; Sara Lentz & Colleen Laurain)

             1.Tonight we are 40% of our goal.

             2. Any issues email info@crissmanpta.

            3. Put your link on FB, Email links, send in money.

             4. 37 minutes of being active. They will be outside, they have a crew, Dj, moving Max is out side. They can skip and hop they do not have to run. If it rains they can do it in the gym.

 d.Halloween Bingo (OCT 19th; Jennifer Davies)

             1.Flyers went home.

            2.There is still room to sign up.

            3. Adults prizes. Snack and beverage comes with the tickets.

 e.Muffins in the Morning (FEB 4th; NEED CHAIRPERSON)

 10.Ongoing Committees:

 1.Assemblies (As Needed; Need Chairperson)

 2.Bagel Sales (2nd WED of the month; Susan Chown & Amy Forgione)

             a.Reschedule bagel till Friday.

 1.Restaurant/Skate Nights (Vary; Merv Shewell/Amy Kearney)

             a.NOV 1st, JAN 14th, FEB 11th, MAR 21st, APR 22nd

 2.Lobby Decorating (Seasonal; Jenny Prall, Eileen Blodgett & Erika Tobin)

             b.Photos needed. Send in your Photos

 11.Open Forum/Announcements (5 mins)

 12.Adjournment (8:05pm)


 b.Next Meeting:  NOV 14th at 7pm

 c.Challenge:  Bring one friend to our NOV meeting

 Motion to adjourn: Amy Roy  Second by Jennifer Davies

 Meeting to close @ 8: 35

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