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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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  • 2017-18 Board
  • Community Rewards
  • Lunch Supervisors Needed
  • UCS Info
Thank you to everyone who volunteered during the 2016-17 school year! Our 2017-18 Board has been finalized. Please welcome our new President, Secretary and Treasurer, and welcome back V.P. Jennifer DelGreco! Thank you ladies for your support.

2017-18 Board:
Tiffany Hadjantoni, President
Jennifer DelGreco, Vice President
Crista Kerkmaz, Secretary
Julie Silvagi, Treasurer
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Community Rewards are a simple way to earn money for our school -
at no extra cost to you!
There are many different reward programs available such as Kroger, Box Tops, Coke Rewards and many more! To view a list of these reward programs and how to get enrolled, click on the link below. Enrollment is quick and easy - we appreciate your support!

Click here to view list of Community Rewards Programs. Read More

From Mrs. Fiema:
We are in need of additional lunchroom supervisors! If you are interested in becoming a supervisor please call the office so we can explain the process. 586-797-4300
Thank you!

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Tim McAvoy, Director of School/Community Relations, sends out very informative emails regarding UCS activities and students. To receive these emails, please contact Tim.

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2013-10-09 Meeting Minutes


October 9, 2013

I.             Call to Order (7pm) -  called to order at 7:05pm

II.           Message from the President (10 mins)

1. Welcome New Members

                    i.  Voting Privileges - reviewed

2. Meetings - Recap

i.      Evening Meetings; 2nd WED of the Month @7pm
ii.      Free child-care
iii.      Ticket Protocol
iv.      End of Night Drawing

  1. Volunteer Appreciation
  2. Volunteer of the Month – Toni Gasperoni for chairing the 6th grade breakfast
  3. Open House – Recap of how the two evenings went
  4. Fun Run – reviewed current status; improvement ideas brought forward such as family vs. individual rewards and if the minimum of $10 on the website could be lowered
  5. Bagel Sale – first pre-order bagel sale today; some feedback on kids not getting what they ordered
  6. Halloween Bingo – 46 parents and 62 kids registered thus far; this Friday is last day to register. All items for concession are divided, celebrity callers finalized.  Mallow students to help with kids prize tables & checkers.  Set up about 5:00pm; will reuse decorations. No parent prizes thus far and can use the support of the Crissman community


  1. III.          6th Grade Report/Q&A (10 mins)
  • Two 6th grade parents attended
  • Thanked PTA and the volunteers for the 6th grade breakfast
  • Teachers noted lots of change this year; discussion on “the wall” being placed up between the two classrooms, and reviewed the field trips
  • Focus when moving from 5th to 6th grade – fine tuning of fractions


  1. IV.         Principal’s Report (15 mins) – Next set of assessments in spring 2015 - will be on-line & will be adaptive. Mrs. Fiema provided an example and let the parents explore the on-line test format


  1. V.           Secretary’s Report (5 mins)
  • Sign-in Sheet - passed around sign-up sheet once more
  • Approval of SEPT 2013 Minutes - Motion to approve by Tina Lewis, supported by Jessie Scott


  1. VI.         Old Business (5 mins) – both issues reviewed
  • Back Tax Filing Issue – 2012 - reviewed
  • Monthly Tax Coupons


  1. VII.        New Business (10 mins)
  • Budget Auditor:

                          i.      Need 2 CPA’s to audit our budget – looking for two volunteers to support; if interested please contact Jennifer Davies

  •  Spring Social

                        i.      Looking for new ideas – introduced topic and asked for suggestions

  • Child Book exchange – discussed but no one offered to lead or chair


  1. VIII.      Treasurer’s Report (5 mins)
  • Reviewed September 2013 Budget Report – no approval required


  1. IX.         Committee Reports (10 mins) - reviewed
  • One-Time Committees: 

                                                               i.      Traditional Spiritwear (Jennifer Valicevic)

                                                             ii.      Jersey Spiritwear (Tammy Hilliard)

                                                            iii.      Recess Equipment (Donna Hammrick & Amy Kearney)

                                                           iv.      Fun Run (OCT 21st; Sara Lentz,  Colleen Laurain and Dawn Surma)

                                                             v.      Halloween Bingo (OCT 18th; Kim Kortillia)

                                                           vi.      Muffins in the Morning (FEB 13th; NEED CHAIRPERSON)

                                                          vii.      Dare Graduation (TDB; Nancy Meier)

                                                        viii.      Spring Social (TBD; NEED CHAIRPERSON)

                                                           ix.      Staff Appreciation (TBD; Amy Kearney)


  • Ongoing Committees:

                                                               i.      Assemblies (As Needed; NEED CHAIRPERSON)

                                                             ii.      Bagel Sales (2nd WED of the month; Susan Chown & Amy Forgione)

                                                            iii.      Restaurant/Skate Nights (Vary; Merv Shewell/Amy Kearney)

  1. Skate Nights:  NOV 11th, JAN 9th, FEB 12th, MAR 18th, APR 28th
  2. Restaurant Nights:  TBD

                                                          iv.      Lobby Decorating (Seasonal;Eileen Blodgett)
                                                                     Photos Needed

                                                             v.      Community Rewards (As Needed; NEED CHAIRPERSON)


  1. X.           Open Forum/Announcements (5 mins)
  • After school event security discussed – sponsor must arrange for someone to open and close door for event
  • Parents from the fifth grade had the highest attendance – the 5th graders will be getting a treat for the second month in a row!


  1. XI.         Adjournment (8:15pm)
  • Drawing – Tina Lewis was the winner!
  • Next Meeting:  NOV 13th at 7pm – Kindergarten Night
  • Challenge:  Bring one friend to our NOV meeting
  • Motion to adjourn at 8:27pm by Tina Lewis, supported by Amy Roy


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